Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MongoDB Tutorial : Getting Started

MongoDB is no SQL,open source database, written purely in C++, basically store the database in the document form.
based on the JSON approach,can be horizontally scalable,can be index on any attribute

Here are the best practise to use

How to download and Install MongoDB
Download the MongoDB from the MongoDB website as depicted in the picture as per your
plateform,here I am downloading it for the Windows 32 bits.

Download the relevent Driver to work for
The fallowing page shows the link for the driver,Here I am working with the Java Driver.

Review the downloaded bineries
After downloading MongoDB,extract the zip file which contains the fallowing exe files as shown in the image.

Installing the MongoDB server
Intalling the MongoDB server is not a time taking process,just open the command prompt and go the location of bin of the unzipped folder,in the meanwhile create the
database folder as MongoDB does not create the database itself.

execute the fallowing command mongod --dbpath "f://mongodatabase"
and press enter the fallowing screen show the out that your server is up and running on the default port 27017

Test your DB Installation
Open the web browser and type the fallowing addres http://loacalhost:27017/
The webpage displays the welcome page of mongoDB same as the image shown.

Connect to MongoDB
Open the command prompt, open the bin location

run the MongoDB as a Windows Service
open the command prompt and execute the fallowing command
mongod --dbpath "f:\mongodatabase" --logpath "f:\mongodatabase\logs.txt" --install --serviceName "MongoDB"
here shown the output on the console

The Next step is to verify from the service manager

Use the remove command shown in the image.

Create Database in the MongoDB
MongoDB does not provide any command or syntex to create database as provided with the relationship based
database,it creates the database on the fly when you try to insert the values first time in the database.

on the shell use show dbs command which shows the local(empty) database

use databasename command will create your MongoDB,but the database has not been created yet you can
verify the same by using show dbs command.
The database only created when you try to insert some document into the database
Define a collection name as employee and let try to insert some document inside it

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