Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New in Java 7

Working with java.nio.file package overcome the difficulties in copying and moving the files and directories which java really lacks of.
Java 7 provide directory tree traversal trough Files.walkFileTree Method which basically traverse the hierarchical folder structure
Path Objects
Path object represent the sequence of Directory structure to find the file resource
How to construct path object

Paths.get(“/BaseDir”);    // return path string “/BaseDir”

Paths.get(“/BaseDir”,”SubDir”);   // return the path string “/BaseDir/SubDir”

path object can be manipulated using the Path.resolve and Path.relativize,lets have a look
Path base =  Paths.get(“/BaseDir”);    //this is the base path

Path filePath = base.resolve(“SubDir/somefile.txt”);    // the filePath is “/BaseDir/SubDir/somefile.txt” while the base path remains “/BaseDir”
The very useful method of the Path class is Path.getFileName which inturn return the farthest element which is eighter a file or directory,lets have an example
suppose we have created the filePath as “/BaseDir/SubDir/somefile.txt”
filePath.getFileName()    // returns the name of the file as somefile.txt

suppose we have created the dirPath as “/BaseDir/SubDir/SomeDir”

dirPath.getFileName()     // return the directory name as SomeDir

How to copy a file

Path srcPath = …......
Path targetPath = …...............
Path basePath = …......

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