Saturday, January 10, 2015

Apache Hive : Building Hive from source

It will be good if you download the Apache hive release from the Apache website and install on your development environment but some times it good to experiment with the apache hive source and then install it on your development environment.

In this post I will help you to build hive from source, the minimum requirement for building hive from source are you need to have SVN installation on your machine, Apart from this you should have JDK 6 or 7 and Apache maven installation.

just follow the instruction below to build the hive from source.

# checkout some stable version of hive from svn branch
$svn co hive-11

# change location to directory hive-11
$cd hive-11

# now build the source with the help of maven command, I have skipped the testcases to run and enable the debug and error mode to check the problem in build if it occurs
$mvn clean install -Phadoop-2,dist -Dmaven.test.skip=true -e -X

# thats all what you need to build hive through source code, look into the package directory to find the build
$cd packaging/target/apache-hive-0.13.1-bin/apache-hive-0.13.1-bin
bin  conf  examples  hcatalog  lib  LICENSE  NOTICE  README.txt  RELEASE_NOTES.txt  scripts

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