Saturday, January 10, 2015

Apache Hive : Installation and configuration of Hive

To install Hive you can follow my old post to build hive from source if you want to do some customization with the source code. if you are newbie to hive then i will recommend you to download some stable version of hive from apache hive website and extract the tarball to your preferred location.

I have downloaded the hive-.11 tarball from the apache hive website and extracted the tarball in the folder /usr/local/hive/hive-0.11.0, thats what you need to install hive on your machine make sure that Hadoop is already installed your machine.Hive uses the environment variable HADOOP_HOME to locate Hadoop jars and its configuration files.

$cd /usr/local
$mkdir hive
$cd hive
$curl -o
$tar -xzf hive-0.11.0.tar.gz

now set environment variable HADOOP_HOME and HIVE_HOME. open .bashrc in some editor e.g. vi and add these lines to the file
export HADOOP_HOME=/usr/local/hadoop
export HIVE_HOME=/usr/local/hive/hive-0.11.0
export PATH=$PATH:$HIVE_HOME/bin
The $HIVE_HOME/bin directory contains executable scripts that launch various Hive services, including the hive command-line interface.
Hive binaries also contains the Trift services which provides access to other agents or the processes.on the top of the Thrift hive provides access using JDBC and ODBC.
one most of the important thing in hive installation is the metastore, metastore is used by hive to store table schema and metadata information.Hive has in built-in Derby database to store are also free to configure and RDBMS of your choice to provide metastore service,typical hive installation includes MySQL and Postgress databases.

now you can check your installation by starting hive CLI.
Logging initialized using configuration in jar:file:/usr/local/hive/hive-0.11.0/lib/hive-common-0.11.0.jar!/
Hive history file=/tmp/rks/hive_job_log_rks_2867@RKS-PC_201501101811_648770952.txt

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